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DEKTAK II                                $4,500 Fully-Functional
$4,500            Fully-Refurbished
Specs as follows:

*Linear scanning system, programmable from 50u to 30mm in 1u increments.  The stage can handle up to a 5" diameter wafer or part up to 3/4" thick.  Maximum of 1000 data points, 3-scanning speeds.

*Vertical range is 65.5u in 3 profile modes: 80% above zero, 80% below & center zero with 10 angstroms least significant bit.

*90X microscope is standard; there are no video options available for the D2. Extra lamp $10.00

*Stylus pressure adjustable from ~ 10mG to 50mG.  Available stylii by radius: 1.0u, 2.5u, 5u, 12.5u & 25u. Click Here For Pricing.

*Optional thermal printer & cable $750, (paper $7.50/roll), stylus pressure guage $175.00.