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Our expertise is with Veeco Ion-beam milling systems and Dektak thin film measurement devices, although, we are very knowledgeable of most other semiconductor process equipment. Whether you are looking for a specific tool or you need reparation or maintenance of an existing tool make sure you contact us: djculver@aol.com, chrisculver@culverequipment.com
Dektak IIA $13,500
Dektak 3030 Auto-2 $19,500
We have way too many items to list them all; please contact us for your specific needs. We are currently capturing images of our major tools and they will be made available shortly!
Temescal VES 2550 E-Beam System
Technics Micro-RIE  Series 800 Reactive Ion Etching tool
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Check out these photos of the Veeco LL-250 Load-Lock Ion Beam Milling System
Please fill out an Inquiries Form for information on anything you see!
Mechanical Stylus Profilometers
Blue M Horizontal Laminar Flow Oven model: CC-13-C-M-E,
Technical Specs: 208 Volts, 3-Phase, 60-Hz, 8.2 kW heater
Veeco Microetch 1201 Ion-Beam Milling System
Temptronics Thermostream TP0 4000A-1A21-2 Thermal Inducing System.
RFPP LF-10 Power Supply:  1-kW,  50-460 kHz
Brand New, Never Used, Including Original Test Data.
Feel Free To Request Digital Images Of Anything In Our Inventory!
Matrix 303 Plasma Etcher
GUZIK model S312 MP Flying-Height Spinstand Tester With Guzik model RWA 1601 read-write analyzer (not shown) and Guzik model ANA 961 analog channel (not shown).
Hybond model 616 and 616-01 Ultrasonic Bonders